Sunday, August 26, 2012

Latest Intelligence: Particulars of the Explosion of the Steamer George Washington - Sixteen Persons Killed

From the New York Daily Times, January 16, 1852:

Grand Gulf, January 14.

The explosion of the boilers of the steamer George Washington, on her way from Cincinnati to New Orleans, took place a little above here this morning; shortly after which she took fire, and was entirely consumed.  Capt. Irvine was badly scalded, and the first clerk, William Carroll, was killed.  Among those killed and missing were the following:

William Carroll, first clerk; Mr. James Treat; Phillip, the first cook; the first fireman; six deck hands and six deck passengers, names unknown.  They are all supposed to have been burned with the boat.

The following is the list of injured.  Capt. Irvine, badly scalded; Mr. Pearce, second clerk, do.; Daniel Clemmens, engineer, do.; Martin Dunn, second mate, injured; Wiley, third engineer, do.; Mr. Moore, watchman, do.; James Moore, first mate, do.; C. D. Clemmons, passenger, do.; J. B. King Kendall, passenger from Kentucky, slightly scalded; Castin Wheeler, second cook, do.  The books and papers of the boat were all lost.  The Washington had two barges in two laden with stock and freight both of which were burned.  The steamer, J. S. Chenowith came down about four hours after the explosion, and took on board the surviving officers and crew.  The George Washington and her freight were fully insured.

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